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Tilføjet den 15 januar 2024 | 09:36



Smoking is only allowed in outside areas!!!

Moseparken, 6400 Sønderborg was built late in the Summer of 2023.

Moseparken consists of:

  • 50 pcs. 1-room accommodations (18m² net)

The accommodations are modular accommodations, which is situated at the Sønderskov-kollegiet.

All accommodations have own kitchen with 2 cooking plates, refrigerator, micro wave and bathroom with shower.

All accommodations have outside window blinds and lamps.

There is NO access to internet!

Alle tenants in Moseparken have access to common facilities at Sønderskov-kollegiet, among otheres laundry room, party room and guest rooms.


Please reasd more about the modular accommodations here and find a guiding sketch here.