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Up-to-date and safe accommodations

At our halls of accommodations, you will find a variety of accommodations ranging from 1-room accommodations with separate bathroom and shared kitchen to large 1-, 1½-, 2-, and 3-room accommodations with separate bathroom and kitchen.

A few accommodations are furnished, but in general the accommodations are unfurnished, however, equipped with lamps and window blinds.

With the exception of the 1-room accommodations with shared kitchen, all accommodations are equipped with radiator and electricity meters for individually payment of consumption.

In order for you to feel safe we have installed video surveillance in the surrounding areas of all the dormitories.

On-line with everything and everyone

All accommodations are connected to the internet. You will have access both via WIFI and router.

A wide range of communal facilities

There are guest rooms, party rooms, activity rooms, laundry, and bicycle storage rooms at the halls of accommodations. Furthermore, wonderful green areas surround the halls of accommodations. Here it is possible to play football, beach-volley, etc.