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Tilføjet den 12 januar 2022 | 13:15

What to do outside office hours? - Emergency phone


If you have serious damage in your accommodation outside office hours, you can call

emergency phone No. +45 30 63 49 05.


The following is very serious - please call the emergency phone No.:

  • A burst water pipe

  • Blocked sewer, water continues to rise - even if you turn off water

  • No electricity in your accommodation. Please check fuses and relay

  • No water in your accommodation

    At the lack of electricity and water, please check the following:

  • Does it also include your neighbours?
  • Have the lack been informed of at the homepage of the utility companies?

  • If you have been informed by the office already regarding a possible shut down (per email or notes in your hallway)

    With the following situations you must wait and inform the office or your janitor when available again:

  • Stove or fridge not working
  • Gully or drains clogged

  • Error in laundry room – except from large water leaks

  • A toilet, running with water all the time or that cannot flush. Try to flush yourself with a bucket of water

  • Ants or other insects in your accommodation

  • You locked yourself out of the dorm (try to contact a locksmith)