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Tilføjet den 5 oktober 2017 | 16:32

Subletting your room?

Subletting your room

If you consider to sublet your room, you must provide documents showing that both sublesse and sublessor are both studying during the sub-lease period and email these to StudieBolig Syd.

Rights and commitments are not limited to only the dorm room, but also goes for common areas. Please be aware that the sublessee is responsible for any damage made by him/her and any guests. StudieBolig Syd, however, will make claims towards sublessor. We also refer to the original tenancy lease contract.

The rent will automatically be charged from the sublessee, if the sublessor will stop the automatic payment of rent in his/her bank. 

No pets allowed.

Sublessee is responsible for any additional payment in connection with heat, electricity, and water. Sublessor is responsible towards the dormitory for any additional payment in connection with heat, electricity, and water.

Missing payment means that sublessor is responsible legally. The rent agreed between sublessee and sublessor must never exceed the present rent. Sublessor is not allowed to charge extra for for instance furniture.

Please fill in below form and email to StudieBolig Syd together with documentation that both parties study.

Get the contract here!


All  6 dormitories in Sønderborg have been built with government support and therefore the dormitories are only intended for young students, who are eligible for SU (the state education grant).

When you sign the tenancy lease contract for your dorm room, you agree to article 4 stating that the dorm room cannot be rented out to others without the consent of the owner (in this case StudieBolig Syd).

Therefore, the dorm rooms cannot be "rented out", you are not allowed to run a business or earn from subletting/renting out the dorm room.

For instance, you cannot make use of Airbnb when you have a dorm room.