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Tilføjet den 7 januar 2021 | 15:09

Study check

Study check at all dormitories in Sønderborg!

Rightfully being allowed to live at one of the dormitories in Sønderborg you must be a student. According to "bekendtgørelsen om almene ungdomsboliger" we must check at least once a year that all tenants study.

Therefore, we once a year email to all tenants at the dormitories in Sønderborg and ask them to confirm that they are still studying.

All tenants must reply to our enquiry!

Fill in your part of the information and then bring the document to your educational institution - let them sign and stamp it - before you email it to StudieBolig Syd. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact StudieBolig Syd.