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What is insured by StudieBolig Syd and what is vital that you take out insurance on yourself?

What is ensured by the dormitory?

The dormitory has an insurance, which covers buildings, domestic appliances, machines and the fixture that belongs to StudieBolig Syd.

If any damage occurs on our property you must report it to the janitor as quickly as possible.

It is important that you report all damages to the janitor immediately. If you do not, there is a risk that you will have to pay for the damages, although the insurance actually covers these damages.

Excess Insurance

Just like there probably is an excess on your private insurances there is also an excess insurance on our insurances, which is an amount of money you will need to pay yourself if and when there are damages to your room.


What is vital that you take out insurance on?

StudieBolig Syd recommends that you have a home insurance, which as a minimum covers:

  1. Your home contents 
    Must include all your properties; furniture, tv, bicycle, clothes etc. for damages after fire, water damage, storm or burglary. 

    Your home insurance must also cover cleaning and moving of your properties after for example water damage or fire. 

    Our insurance does not cover your home contents, nor does it cover the things in your room or in your basement. If for example there is a fire in your room our insurance covers only the fixture in the room but not your properties. 
  2. Re-housing 
    If your room ins uninhabitable in a period due to fire or water damage our insurance covers the costs for the uninhabitable room. However, it is your insurance that has to cover the rent for your new, temporary room and the expenses for moving out and in. 
  3. Casualty insurance 
    Only in rare cases there will be a tort-feasor to claim damages from, if you are hurt or become permanently injured due to an accident. This also goes for accidents which happens on the accommodation's property. 

    Therefore we recommend that you take out a casualty insurance incl. dental injury.

It is a good idea to ensure that your insurances always cover your actual needs. To be sure we recommend you to contact your insurance company. Remember to inform your insurance company of change of address.

Read more about insurance here