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In case of fire — be sure to follow the below warning guidelines:

1. Alert the fire brigade on phone No. 112 and report to the emergency dispatch centre. 

2. Alert any person in the area by activating the installed call points. 

3. Please contact the personnel at StudieBolig Syd

Emergency No.: 72 28 28 19 
Building inspector: 28 25 00 11
Dormitory manager: 22 48 11 01

4. Initiate extinguishing of the fire with the means present and make sure that everyone is able to leave the scene of accident.

5. Any ventilation system in the fire area must be shut off if possible.


The fire brigade must at arrival immediately be informed of the scene of accident/the size of the accident and the persons not already rescued.

REMEMBER!!! The janitor will test the fire alarm the first Wednesday every 3.month!!! (i.e. January, April, July and October).