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Tilføjet den 9 februar 2022 | 19:27

Is cancellation of tenancy lease contract an option if I am not accepted at the education/training?


This only goes for the dorms - not the youth housings!!!

And this only goes for students moving in during August and September due to not being accepted at the education/training.

If you accept our accommodation offer you must sign a tenancy lease contract and pay a deposit and the first month’s rent no later than 1 week after accepting the accommodation offer. And then the accommodation is yours according to start of tenancy lease contract.

If you do not get accepted at the education - and therefore you do not need an accommodation, you can cancel the contract and have all of your payment returned, if you inform StudieBolig Syd no later than the day before the contract start.

However, if you inform StudieBolig Syd on the day of the contract start or later on, you must terminate the tenancy lease contract according to terms of notice of the dormitories, which is 6 weeks to the 1st in a month or 8 weeks to the 15th in month. To view terms of notice, click here

At the same time please inform how you would like us to return your payment for deposit and first month’s rent – either to your NemID, your Danish bank account or your foreign bank account – and forward the necessary information to StudieBolig Syd.