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Tilføjet den 9 marts 2020 | 10:52

Am I allowed to paint my accommodation before moving out?

Tenant's maintenance obligation

During the period of residence, the tenant must take care of the accommodation’s internal maintenance with paint and floor treatment to the extent that is desired.

If you want to paint the accommodation, the following paint must be used:

Alssund: Flügger S0500-N (White) A gloss 5 must be used on ceilings and a gloss 7 on walls. Flügger S8502-B (Dark gray / black). Only the wall that has already been painted black must be painted with this colour. A gloss 7 must be used.

Sønderskov, Ungdom, Handel, Damgade, Humlehøj: Flügger S0802-Y (White). Gloss 5 must be used on ceilings and gloss 7 on walls.

The work must be carried out in a professionally correct manner.

If the janitor finds that the paint job is poorly done and therefore cannot be approved, a professional paint company will be hired at the tenant's expense.

For details read here.