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Our 6 dormitories

5 of our dormitories are self-governing institutions and are run according to the rules that apply to self-governing youth housing institutions, built with public support.

1 dormitory (Alssund-kollegiet) is built according to the rules on public youth housing.

Each dormitory constitutes a financially independent unit and is managed by a board of 3 members, which is appointed / nominated by Sønderborg City Council, the Management of the Educational Institutions and dormitory residents.

The residents (the dormitories) have autonomy in the dormitory's internal affairs through a residents' council, elected among and by the residents of the respective dormitories.


Our youth housings

We rent out youth housings for several of the municipality's housing associations.

We offer youth housing in Sønderborg Municipality.

A youth housing is rented out to young people enrolled in education. A youth housing is most often located in a community with other housing types such as non-profit rental housing, senior housing or the like.